General FAQs

We do our best to answer every question you might have about the event within these FAQs. However, if there is a personal question you have that’s not covered below, feel free to Contact the Team.

What time should I arrive at the arena for the event?

Gates to the Wells Fargo Center will open at 6 am.

What is the event schedule?

    • 6:00 am –Registration begins
    • 7:00 am –100K Ride begins
    • 8:00 am –50K Ride begins
    • 8:30 am – 5K Walk/Run begins
    • 9:30 am –15K Family Ride begins

Where do I park? / Is there a charge for parking?

    • Patrons can enter through gate B or C off Broad Street and park in lot H.
    • Parking for the event will be FREE

Will restrooms be available?

There will be portable restrooms on site.

Will there be water stations? Are they on every route?

Yes, water / snack / rest stations will be available along the route and are clearly marked on the event route map.

Can I pick up my packet the day of the event?

Yes, you can pick up your packet the morning of the event.

It is strongly recommended that participants pick up their event packets prior to the day of the event.

Details for pre-packet pick up will be available in early July.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, please contact g4 at: info@g4events.com

Will there be first aid available during each event, as well as the start/finish line?

Yes, EMT’s will be on site and at stationary locations along the bike route.

Will “day of” registration be available? Is there a price increase to register the day of?

Yes, “day of” registration is available, with the exception of the event being sold out.  There will be an additional cost for registering the day of the event.

Where does the event start/end?

The Start/Finish Line will be inside the Wells Fargo Center Complex at XFINITY Live!.

Can family and friends come cheer me on?

Absolutely!  There will be a Fan Fest set up that non-participants can enjoy while you are participating in the event.

Are there prizes for overall male and female, and for each age group?

No prizes will be awarded for this event, however each participant will receive a “Finisher’s Medal.”

What does the money go towards?

The funds raised during the Flyers Charity Classic benefit Flyers Charities and the Flyers Alumni Association.  More information on those non-profit organizations can be found at Flyers Charities and Flyers Alumni Association.

How can I learn more about the charity/foundation?

Please visit www.flyerscharities.com and www.flyersalumni.org for more information on our charities.

Can I bring my pet?

We’re sorry, but for their protection and the safety of our participants, pets are not allowed at the event.

Can I do the event on rollerblades?

Unfortunately, roller blades would hamper the integrity of the event which is set up for a walk, run, or bicycle.

Registration FAQs

Are there team sign-ups or just individual?

The team option is available. You can join a team or start your own!

Are there VIP options?

Yes, VIP registration is an option and available on the Registration page for all events.

What is the difference between the VIP and the regular registration?

Incentives for both the VIP and Regular registration are listed on the Registration page.

If I can no longer attend the race, can I receive a refund or transfer on my bib?

Unfortunately, refunds and transfers are not available for this race.

If I already registered as an individual, can I transfer the registration so I can be a part of a team?

Yes, a participant can join a team after they have already registered.

Can I change the event I registered for?

Yes, you can change events. However, if there is a price discrepancy (larger registration fee for the new event), the extra charges are the participant’s responsibility.

Are there fundraising incentives in the registration fees?

Yes! We have great incentives for individual participants and teams!

Click here for the list of exciting incentives.

Can I sign up for multiple events?

Unfortunately, the timing of each race will not allow participants to complete multiple events.

Is there a child entry fee? What is the age?

The entry fees are the same for children and adults. If you would like to receive a race packet you must register your child.

Do I need an account to login or register?

Yes an account will be created upon registration.

What happens if I lose my bib?

Please see an event registration representative at onsite registration.

I didn't get the confirmation email...

First check you SPAM folder. If you have not received the confirmation, reach out to g4 Productions at info@g4events.com.

Packet Pick-up FAQs

What if I can’t pick up my packet prior? Will I be able to pick it up at the event?

Yes, packet pick-up will be available the day of the event from 6 – 9 am, please be aware of your event start time and allow extra time.

Pre-event pick-up is strongly advised and preferred.

All participants must sign a waiver of liability at packet pick up.

Can I have it mailed?

No, unfortunately we can’t mail your packet.

When is packet pick-up?

Packet pickup will be held on Friday, July 13 from 11am – 3pm, and on Saturday, July 14 from 9am – 2pm.

Can I pick up a friend's packet?

Yes, you are permitted to pickup packets for others as long as you have their bib number, but every participant must have a signed waiver as well.  Anyone who does not pick up their own packet will need to send a signed waiver and copy of their ID with their friend or family member that will be picking up the packet.


Can I bring a stroller? Do I have to pay for the stroller?

Yes, you can bring a stroller to the 5k.

There will not be a charge for the stroller.

Will the event be rescheduled due to inclement weather? How will we be contacted if the event is rescheduled/cancelled?

The event is a Rain/Shine event.  In the event of severe inclement weather, the Philadelphia Flyers will issue a statement via all social media outlets.

What is NOT allowed on the course?

Headphones of any kind are not permitted.

Are the t-shirts sized or one-size-fits-all?

The shirts will be sized as follows:

  • Children – Small – Medium – Large
  • Adults – Small – Medium – Large – Extra Large – Double Extra Large – Triple Extra Large

Are all the t-shirts the same for each event?


Is the course certified?

Yes, the 5K has been professionally certified, however the cycling portion will not be certified.

Bike FAQs

Will there be mechanics for any bike issues at the start/finish line or on the course?

Mechanics will be available before the ride and on the course in the SAG vans and at the rest stops.

Your bike should be in good working order that includes working brakes and tires in good condition.  Come prepared with a tube and frame pump in case of a flat while out on the route.

Will there be a place to store my bike after the race?

Yes, there will be a secure bike corral in the Wells Fargo Complex. However, the Wells Fargo Complex, The Flyers, Flyers Charities and the Flyers Alumni are NOT responsible for any personal property left unattended throughout the duration of the event.

Can any level/experience biker register for the 50k or the 100k? Are there any restrictions?

There are no restrictions for the event and the level/experience is dependent upon each individual participant.  In order to ensure your safety and  finish within the time limit  (rest stops close, SAG and police coverage) you must keep a minimum 10 mph pace for the family ride and 12 mph for the longer distances.

Is the ride timed?

This is a ride not a race.  Yes there is a timing chip in each bib however, this is not a competitive event and no prizes will be awarded.

Are the roads closed to traffic?

No. There is a police escort at the start but all rules of the road apply.

Do I need any special equipment for the bike ride? Are helmets or any other equipment required? What is not permitted?

  • You must wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet.
  • Be advised that recumbent or fixed gear bicycles and Elliptigos are not permitted.
  • Headphones of any kind are not permitted.

Can I bring food or water with me on the bike ride?

Yes. Snacks, Water, Hydration Drinks will be available at the Wells Fargo Complex and along the 5K and Bike routes but bring your own snacks if you have any dietary restrictions.

How far between rest stops?

The rest stops for the longer rides are spaced approximately 10-17 miles apart; there are two (2) stops for the 50k/31 mi; five (4) stops for the 100k/62 mi.

Are there loaner bikes available?

No, if you would like to register for the bicycle portion of the event, you must bring your own bicycle in good working order.

For the family ride, how old do you have to be to ride? What about ride by yourself?

The Family Bike Ride is based on a family of three or four and children up to the age of 16 can participate as part of the family. The cost for a family is $100. Individual registration is available for the Family Bike Ride and the cost is $50.

Can we ride on tandem bikes for the family ride?

Yes, however, each participant has to register individually.